…..Edgy or chic, classic or rock; are these the elements that make up fashion?  Is it how the world sees you or how you want to be seen?  I’m not really sure, but here’s my Fashion…. I can remember two years ago, I was embarrassed… Embarrassed of the way I let me health go and even more embarrassed of the size I allowed myself to become.  Embarrassed that I could no longer wear the things that I thought best represented me and ladies we know that’s a difficult thing to deal with.  But that was my reality.  Then something changed and I wanted more.  But with that change, came a price and that price was the work; hard work…..

…..Hard work that gave me my voice back; hard work that gave me my purpose; hard work that gave me hope and hard work that gave me “My Fashion”.  And my fashion became my reminder, a reminder that I cared enough to put me first.  A reminder that I loved myself and actually meant it.  My fashion was a representation of me yet didn’t define me.  My fashion was being okay with not everyone accepting my tattoos and the fact that I wanted more; a lot more (LOL).  My fashion was being comfortable with loosing it all to gain better.

My fashion is my statement.  And my statement is me, embrace every inch, flawed and all.  So whatever your fashion will be,…..let’s make a statement together.    Until then ~XOXO