…..You ever been to a boutique store and seen an outfit and immediately thought “that’s so me”? Well,…. Fashion House Studios is introducing Off The Mannequin.

Well, Off The Mannequin is just that, but for creatives. Pre-made Full Brand Suites that doesn’t compromise the quality of the brand.  All too often you get clients that have an idea of what they want, but are unsure how to convey that thought on paper.   Or schedule/business engagements prevents them from the time process of getting a custom Full Brand Suite.  So I came up with an idea of  creating “off the mannequin” brands.  The concept behind this is having Brand Suites that including Business Cards to cohesive collateral Mannequin ready for that creative who may have a hard time or doesn’t necessarily have the time.

These Brand Styles aren’t your typical pre-made designs, these are well thought out designs that speaks specially to whatever creative industry you’re in.  These designs are also unique because they will only being sold once per client.  This ensure you that your Brand Suites will not be duplicated by another creative and comes off the mannequin.

Off The Mannequin will be launching January 11, 2017 and unveiling it’s first Brand Suites in the “Collection 1” series.   So, head on over to OffTheMannequin.co to subscribe to get the early release and some sneaks of Collection 1.